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Welcome to my List!


In my search for admirable, successful leaders that will fight for the common-good and the commonwealth, I alone find it hard to distinguish the good from the great. Instead, I have assembled the team of political strategists Diana Hwang and Wilnelia Rivera to comb the country for candidates with excellent power analysis, commitment to community, democracy and solidarity economy, with viable, smart campaign strategies. Together our reach is wide and deep. We share our best with you, and encourage you to parse out your political budget as we do; prioritizing the best!


I insist on high standards for ethics, racial and gender inclusive voter strategy, for proven effectiveness. Given that problem solving is best done with diverse perspectives I prioritize women, African Americans and immigrants whose perspective would be very helpful to our most vexing social, political, educational, environmental and economic problems. There are a great many white male candidates who are capable also, but hardly need my help to get on your radar. Keep us posted if you have suggestions!




Maria Jobin-Leeds



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