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The call for transformative and bold leaders who will fight for justice and equity in our traditional halls of power and in our movement has never been louder. We need to invest in women and people of color — whether they are candidates,elected officials, civic group leaders, or activists. In times of major social change, we need leadership that can be counted on to champion a progressive agenda that centers communities of color in their fight for equity. In partnership with Wilnelia Rivera, President of Rivera Consulting, we look across the country to identify where our political investments can support deep democracy gains.


I insist on high standards for ethics, racial and gender inclusive voter strategy, for proven effectiveness. Given that problem solving is best done with diverse perspectives I prioritize women, African Americans and immigrants whose perspective would be very helpful to our most vexing social, political, educational, environmental and economic problems. There are a great many white male candidates who are capable also, but hardly need my help to get on your radar. Keep us posted if you have suggestions!




Maria Jobin-Leeds



Mission Statement

Maria’s List is a woman powered political communication and donor hub. Its mission is to comb the country for amazing women and people of color candidates using electoral research as well campaign and movement analysis. We provide forward-thinking communication to inform our political contributions.


Founded by Maria Jobin-Leeds, Maria’s List identifies candidates and movement organizations based on equity, fairness and access to the decision making table. We align our values with electoral research and 1:1 stakeholder engagement interviews of candidates, campaign staff, and movement organizations. We connect to leaders and changemakers on the ground, who can share opportunities often not captured in conventional democratic research


Fueling deep democracy for transformation of our democracy, our public schools, and public commons works best when we can include the voices and perspectives of each community. We know that with the right ingredients, we can engineer viability, flip the playbook, and build a more democratic, just, and equitable society.



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